Did you own Rubberneck in the 90s and listen to it so much that you had to buy several copies of the CD? Did you ever make, or receive, a mixed tape with "Possum Kingdom" included? Yeah, us too, we're psyched for this road trip!

The Toadies have announced their 'Rubberneck' 25th Anniversary tour, even though now it would technically actually be the 27th anniversary, as it was released in August of 1994. They've got a stop in Spokane at the Knitting Factory on Thursday, September 30th and their fellow Texans Revered Horton Heat are also on the bill! Reverend Horton Heat will play their Liquor in the Front record, and Toadies will play Rubberneck in it's entirety. This is sure to be an unforgettable throwback sing along!

Tickets are on sale this Friday, June 11th at 10 a.m. Spokane time, so 11 a.m. Missoula time.

Rubberneck Track List

Mexican Hairless



I Come From The Water (what a killer song!)


I Burn

Mister Love

Possum Kingdom




There were also 5 additional bonus tracks, including some live, for the 20th anniversary. I was working at Sun Mountain Sports on a sewing line when this album came out and I remember listening to it on my Discman while sewing away. Great memories!

If you're looking for some throwback shows here at home, Wilco and Sleater-Kinney are here on August 7th, Primus' tribute to Rush on August 11th, Modest Mouse on August 24th, Cypress Hill August 25th, and so many more. Keep up with local announcements on Logjam's website.

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