Pascal Redfern is a man of principle.

He honestly believes the state is working to impoverish the average citizen through fines and work release for victimless crimes, such as traffic violations.

Redfern chose to have a jury trial in Missoula Justice Court on Friday before Justice of the Peace Landee Holloway, and was found guilty of failure to carry insurance and a seat belt violation. Judge Holloway fined Redfern $500, plus court fees and jury costs of another approximately $500 for a total of just over $1,000.

When Judge Holloway asked him how he would like to arrange payment to the court, Redfern had a surprising response.

"I requested that instead of impoverishing people, if you just want to punish me, because the state was the victim, no one's property was hurt or damaged, nothing was stolen," Redfern said. "Well, if you want to punish me, just put me on a pole and lash me 40 times, but don't make me poor. Let's just get this over with. You punish me, lash me 40 times. 'Well we don't do that anymore', the judge said. Well, you should."

Judge Holloway reminded Redfern that if paying the fines was too burdensome, he could sign up for work release through the jail.

"It is an acceptable option, but it doesn't get it over with," he said. "If you've got a thousand dollars in fines at $10 an hour, you do the math. So, you're still in slavery to the system, but if you lash me 40 times, you're done in one day."

Redfern did not say how he would be paying the fines, but according to Judge Holloway, 40 lashes is not an option.


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