The Missoula Police Department and other agencies are looking into what appears to be a number of credit card fraud cases that occurred in Missoula recently. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says an arrest was made late last week.

"Amber Seitz, 26-years of age, a Missoula Resident, is currently in custody for Deceptive Practices that involved the use of fraudulent credit card numbers to reserve hotel rooms in the Missoula area," Welsh said. "The latest one was out on Grant Creek Road."

Welsh explains how she was caught.

"Officers were able to, basically, track her down based on tips from the employees of hotels and take her into custody," Welsh said. "What we know right now is that the numbers she was using were apparently fraudulent, how and where she obtained those credit card numbers is what we hope to determine."

Seitz was in the Missoula County Jail last year charged with robbery and accused of scratching the face of a loss prevention officer at a local store after trying to trick the store into giving her $42 in return for a travel mug she never purchased.  This time around, Seitz is also facing charges for a probation violation and failing to appear in court.

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