The Missoula County Attorney’s office worked on 24 felony cases this past week including 15 new complaints.

"We had about seven new violent crimes, a couple of those were family related, one was an assault with a weapon where the alleged weapon was a rake, said Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst. "There were five either aggravated burglaries or accountability for aggravated burglaries. One break in involved threatening a woman that was inside and then stealing some of her groceries."

Another burglary involved a group of people with weapons threatening a family at home and then reportedly stealing a bunch of wallets. Pabst says the number of property crimes also seemed high.

"There were quite a few property crimes: seven thefts and three embezzlement cases," Pabst said. "One of the embezzlement cases was from an employer and the suspect was very recently arrested by U.S. Marshals, another was by an employee that allegedly stole $80,000 from her employer."

On top of all that, there were also three methamphetamine cases, a new deceptive practices case, and a criminal mischief case in which a suspect reportedly kicked a vehicle.

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