The annual process of chip sealing Missoula's streets continues as the city's street maintenance department works to provide a more durable, comfortable surface for the thousands of vehicles that travel daily.

Superintendent Brian Hensel explains the chip seal process.

"We lay down a hot asphalt emulsion with a distributor tanker truck, and then we follow up close behind it with what's called a chip seal spreader, which puts down an aggregate and provides a seal coat on the road, and also a friction course that helps prevent deterioration of the asphalt from UV, from water and  provides good traction in the winter, as well," Hensel said. "It's probably one of the best maintenance techniques you can do on asphalt streets."

Hensel has a special request for motorcyclists and bicyclists as they ride over the freshly treated streets.

"Please use extreme caution if you have to drive on a freshly chip-sealed street," he said. "The loose gravel can be a hazard and we will have loose gravel signage posted, but please use extra caution. Also, motorcycles, please don't peel out on the freshly chip sealed street. That just makes for an easy place for a pothole."

Hensel said chip sealing will continue on Wednesday on 55th and once that is finished, crews will begin working on Sussex between Higgins and Arthur.

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