The latest report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau gets to the specifics when it comes to stolen vehicles in Montana. It's not exactly shocking to anyone that in the state of Montana the most stolen vehicle is a truck. Whether it's for fun or play you always see lots of trucks on Montana roads, but I wouldn't have guessed this specific truck to be the most popular stolen vehicle... 2006 (Full Size) Chevrolet Pickup.

The second most popular stolen vehicle was another truck, the 1995 (Full Size)Ford Pickup. And in third another truck, this time the 2002 (Full Size) Dodge Pickup. One thing is for sure everyone around here can appreciate a great truck, even those who don't think they need to pay for one. In the 4th most popular stolen vehicle report for the state of Montana you find your first car, the 1992 Honda Accord. And to round out the top five we return to the truck category with the 1997 (Full Size) GMC Pickup.

No matter what vehicle you own it is always a good idea to make sure you lock your doors when exiting the vehicle.


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