There were a lot fewer movies releases than normal in 2020, and there were a lot fewer movie posters as a result. Still, at least according to one set of experts on the world of film posters, one piece of movie-related art ranked above all others from the last miserable year. And that was... Promising Young Woman.

The poster for the dark comic thriller, designed by Art Machine, was chosen as the best poster of the year by IMP Awards, who recently announced their picks for the best of 2020 in a variety of categories. Here are a few of their (very solid) choices below:

That The Swing of Things poster ... oh my. How many different things and people can be Photoshopped in a single image? You’ve got the couple in the front, three different actors behind them, all of whom appear to be taken from different times and places, and then a beach ball, and even a “cool“ dog in sunglasses on a boogie board. It also has a tagline that, for the life of me, I cannot understand. (Is it supposed to be a pun? I don’t get it.)

The Promising Young Woman image is the polar opposite; a striking image, a killer tagline, and a piece that gets at the idea of the movie without giving too much away. Among all the nominees, though, I might have given my personal vote for the best of the best to The Jesus Rolls. That is just a really clever poster.

Head over to for the winners in the rest of the categories including Best Funny Tagline, Best Character Poster, Best Teaster Movie Poster, and Best Animation Poster, along with the nominees in every single category.

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