It's almost hard to believe, but Missoula is finally getting back into sports! After COVID shut down the debut season of the Missoula Paddleheads and cancelled the fall season for the Griz, people are psyched to finally get back to seeing some games. The Griz are doing two one-off games in April that'll allow 5000 fans into the stadium, and the Paddleheads are gearing up for the start of baseball season in May, selling tickets to games at their website.

So if you're planning to attend some of these games now that sports are officially back in Missoula, you're probably going to want to show off your team spirit. MSO Hub in Missoula is helping you out this weekend with a huge blowout sale on Paddleheads, Griz, Osprey, and Timberjacks gear.

MSO Hub will be opening its doors on Sunday just for the sale. Afterwards, they'll be closed for 2 days to allow for "the transformation," which appears to be a store rebranding, where they will be renamed the Paddleheads Post. Their cover photo says their grand re-opening will take place on March 25th.

Think you'll be taking advantage of some of these deals? I've got a Griz hat and t-shirt, and a Centerfield Cinema shirt with the Paddleheads logo on it from this past summer - I'm thinking I may have to grab a Paddleheads hat while this is going on, though.

For more info, you can check out MSO Hub's Facebook page. Are you eager to check out the new MSO Hub when it reopens?

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