You know those times when you end up in a super fancy home, restaurant, or building, for any variety of reasons, and you immediately think "I don't belong here" and look around to see if anyone is looking to kick you out? This home is one of those kinds of places. Beyond anything you've ever imagined when it comes to luxury living in Montana.

This log home in Big Sky is located at 1320 Old Toby Road on 491 acres, with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 8,219 square feet of room to spoil you into never leaving the house again. It's currently on the market for $22,500,000. Just typing that price made my brain fall out on to the keyboard. Checkout these photos of the spectacular view and what this log mansion looks like inside. The bathtub is to die for!

Look Inside Montana's Most Expensive Log Home

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