Probably every adult on earth has felt the sting of an awkward moment at least once, and according to this survey from YouGov, we all react in similar ways. We avoid eye contact, chuckle uncomfortably, fidget and blush OR simply turn around and leave the situation completely. Awkward situations can happen anywhere, and as unlikely as it may seem, awkward situations even happen here in Montana. Just writing that sentence felt awkward so I think I'm off to a great start— here's some awkwardness Montanans encounter more often than we would like:

When someone's wearing the wrong team's jersey at the wrong bar

Montanans have a real comradery and respect with each other, as long as they support the same college sports team, that is. When someone is wearing blue and gold when the rest of the bar is wearing maroon, that can be kind of awkward. And by "kind of" I mean "extremely and frighteningly."

When snow starts doing snow things

Snowy weather causes a lot of awkward circumstances, like when you're covered in powder and walk into someone's nice, dry home. There's no way to stomp the icy sludge off your boots politely, don't even try. Not to mention that shoveling your driveway clear incidentally means pushing that snow to your neighbor's place. Awkward, right?

When you show up to the same spot

Montana has wide open spaces and yet we can still get into each others way. We awkwardly show up to the same camping area or the same fishing spot, and then the awkwardness begins. Who stays? Who leaves? I hope you've been practicing roshambo. Not that you can really practice that game. Anyway, I'll just end this here... Awwwwwwkward.

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