Many, many, MANY things are different this summer in Montana. Masks, social distancing, less tourists, and no lemonade stands as you drive the streets of Western Montana.

OH, SIDE NOTE! Did I tell you about the time I hit up a toilet paper stand!? So, super early in the pandemic, before any of us realized just how serious the situation was, and we naively thought the worst thing that could happen to us is that we would run out of toilet paper, we stopped at what we thought was a lemonade stand on Russell. We thought, oh we better go give that adorable child some business since she can't even go to school and has put this stand together. So I approach, and it's a flippin TP stand. Homegirl had packs of TP for whatever we wanted to donate and she was giving all the money to local charities. Naturally, I paid about 10 times what the TP was worth and kept the treasure until it was needed later in the pandemic.

ANYWAY, kids can't have lemonade stands this summer, for obvious reasons, so Country Time Lemonade has launched their "The Littlest Bailout" campaign. I love that freaking name! It's an economic relief program for lemonade stands, with the following description.

Stimulus checks to help kids preserve the values of lemonade stands, honest work, and entrepreneurship, while putting a little juice back into the economy.

By 'stimulus checks' they mean $100 pre-paid cards for kids. Your kiddos can apply here, and why not, it's worth a shot at adding a hundred bucks to the college fund, fun money or savings account they typically beef up with their lemonade money.

One time we rolled into Bozeman and a couple of little girls had this immaculate stand where they were selling blended slushies, it was nicer than some food trucks I've seen around Montana. Gen Z, I'm telling you, these kids know what they're doing!

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