There is no time to waste. Montana Millionaire tickets are going FAST! Partly due to the fact that this year, Montana Lottery is looking to give away 2 grand prizes to 2 lucky winners. That's right! January 1st, 2022, two Montanans are going to wake up millionaires. Not, to mention all the other lucky winners that will get set up with other prizes. Like the increase in instant winners scoring anywhere between $100 and $500.

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So why the rush to buy Montana Millionaire tickets? Well, I have always been a fan of Montana Millionaire. Partly due to the odds of winning. With this year's prizes being awarded to two winners instead of just one. The odds of winning 1 million dollars is 1 in 125,000. That is NOT bad considering the odds of winning half that amount playing Montana Cash Lotto is 1 in 610,000.

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The frenzied sales are probably due to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out.)

I have procrastinated when it came to buying my Montana Millionaire ticket in the past. In fact, I am REALLY good at procrastinating. I was always heartbroken when I would notice that they were completely sold out. Which I wouldn't notice until shortly after Thanksgiving. From the looks of this year's sales, we would be lucky to find any remaining tickets after Veterans Day.

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Jennifer McKee, of Montana Lottery, said she and her team do not know why sales are so much hotter than in years past, but, "if you thought you could wait a little longer if you were going to make a planned purchase on this ticket, you might not really be able to. It is going faster than we ever in our wildest imaginations thought it would."

Are you going to make being a Millionaire part of your New Years' resolution? Better hurry and get your ticket before they are gone.

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