Frugals Restaurant on Tuesday night suffered an explosion from a gas build up in the building. The great news is that nobody was hurt. The bad news is that the restaurant suffered damage and will need to close down while they repair the structure. So if you, like a lot of Missoulians, rely on your weekly Frugals fix you're going to have to find some alternatives for the foreseeable future. Here are just a few great Missoula restaurants that you can partake while they rebuild.

The Missoula Club

The "Mo Club" burger in Missoula is legendary. It is continuously voted "Best Burger". When you ask someone where to go get a burger in town they normally start with the "Mo Club" burger. Keep in mind they don't do fries, just chips.


With 2 locations, one in the Southgate Mall and one on North Reserve, they have you covered. Not only can you get a burger, but you can try something a little different with their Hoagies, and don't forger the cheese fries. They are fantastic.

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The Montana Club

For more of a formal sit down lunch, the Montana Club is great. They have 2 locations on Brooks and North Reserve. They have big portions. Since the owners of Hoagieville also own the Montana Club they serve up the cheese fries too.

The Iron Horse

If you want to head downtown right across from the XXXX the Iron Horse has a great lunch. It is also a great place to people watch after work as a lot of people who work downtown will stop in for an appetizer after a long day of work. I rarely go in there without seeing at least one person I know.

El Cazador

How about some amazing Mexican cooking from Alfredo, instead of a burger. El Cazador on South Ave is not only is great but they are fast too. I also have to personally give Alfredo a shout out for helping us with our Guerrilla Turkey Drive every year making sure we help feed the hungry in Western Montana.

Mackenzie River Pizza

Maybe some pizza instead of a burger? How about a sit down at Mackenzie River Pizza with 2 locations on South Reserve and Grant Creek Road right off of North Reserve. They have expanded their menu to add more than just pizza with "Foodie Faire", like street tacos, Frito pie and pork sliders.

Montana Jacks

Located on South Ave, it is another great place to eat. You can get a burger, a pork chop sandwich, wraps and more. They also have a great breakfast. I would recommend getting tater tots on the side and if you are feeling a bit adventurous get cheese melted on the tots.

This is not near a complete list of all the great local establishments for lunch around town, just a couple places to think about when trying to decide on where to eat lunch. Don't forget when heading out for lunch there is a magic time where it is fast and delicious. We wish Frugals a speedy remodel and hopefully they will be opening soon.

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