We're all on the edges of our seats in anticipation of finding out when we will be able to attend concerts again. Bands, promoters, and concert goers alike would pay top dollar to attend just about any live show right now. The Baha Men opening for Chumbawamba? Yes please, take my money. Any live music where we can dance and sing with our friends and hundreds of other people in public would be a welcome relief from our concert withdrawals.

Last night my son asked if we still have tickets for Ministry in April and Primus in August and I honestly didn't know the answer. 2020 was buck wild and I don't know if we opted for the refund because we'd lost hope, or if we held on to our tickets. And we moved in mid-2020, so where would these tickets even be located? I still don't know the answer, but I do know that Ministry was rescheduled for April 2nd and Primus was rescheduled for August 11th and both shows are still listed as a "go" on the Logjam website.

I did reach out to Logjam to find out if they were hopeful, and they had the same answer we give you when you ask us, nobody really knows what could happen between now and then. They did say that ultimately, it will be up to the artists to decide if they will hit the road or not, and that bands are as eager to perform as we are to see them on stage. So, honestly, nobody knows when we will get to see a show again or if it will ever be the same experience that we remember so fondly, but when concerts do return, we'll all be ugly crying and singing along.

Keep up to date with any changes or announcements at the Logjam website and on their socials.

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