Look at it, hahaha, I cannot stop cracking up about my Quarantine Rattail. I send pics every other day to my family group text and they're encouraging me to grow it longer because they're all just as goofy as I am. So here's the deal, pre-quarantine times, you remember, the good 'ol days, as they're now known. In the good 'ol days during my most recent faux hawk cut with my hilarious (and gorgeous) hair artist, we were kidding around about a rattail. She was talking about how easy going and rad my Dave is, saying that he would probably tell me how pretty my rattail is, rather than insulting me. I agreed and we decided to give it a whirl. She cut my hair so that the hawk would grow down the back and into a rattail once it grew out a bit. We agreed that it would definitely need to be cut off at our next appointment, and that the tail would just be temporary for giggles.

And is sure af did grow! Now the salons are closed and we can't get near each other so I'm stuck with this 2020 Quarantine Rattail. And by "stuck with" I mean "sure I could cut it off, but it's way too entertaining in these stay-at-home times." It's gross, my teenager flames me for it any time I mention it, and Dave compliments me about it on the regular. Ima braid this MFer, keep ya posted. As for my co-workers, they are attempting DIY haircuts and it's not going well.

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