For about a week straight I was meaning to squeeze in a haircut and just never got around to it. And then wouldn't you know it, they went and shut down all the places in town that cut hair.

My hair was getting a little too shaggy for comfort so I made my wife break out the clippers. I figured the worst-case scenario was that she could mess it up twice. One mistake and I could just buzz it off.....some other sort of mistake and there's always a razor. If things got too bad I could just start from scratch and start growing again.

I told her to keep it simple. Just a #2 guard around the sides to thin out the stuff that was getting a little too long. Things were going great. She made it all the way around and was just doing some touch up trimming around the ears. Then, after multiple clippers were in play, she forgot she took the #2 guard off of the main clippers and tried to go back around one more time. Whoops! She took a big ol' chunk out of the side!

Photo: TSM

Now she had to buzz it down around the sides with the lowest setting on the clippers. As she worked away I asked how it was going. "Not terrible-terrible, but not great" was her response. Boy, that' reassuring.

Photo: TSM

We tried a couple options that worked alright when my hair was wet but when it dried I kept looking like Moe from the Three Stooges. We had to keep chopping away. We finally hit a "good enough" point and I kept it for a few hours. But it just wasn't working and before the night was over I ended up buzzing it down.

I guess the good news is that most of the people at our office are working from home. And the only place I'm going these days is to the grocery store. Throw in the fact that I never did get a "real" job so I can wear my hat all day anyway and we can call the quarantine home haircut a win. Plus, I saved $20.

Are you doing anything differently with the stay-at-home orders and businesses shut down around town?