So I was scrolling through the internet today, as one does, and I came across this article that the Montana Standard published this week, which highlights a few spots that anybody traveling to Missoula needs to check out during their time here.

So I read the article, and it mentions a lot of really great places - Kettlehouse Brewing, Mount Sentinel, the Missoula Farmers' Market, Wally & Buck... but the thing is, it feels like they left a bunch of stuff out.

Or maybe that's just me, but I've been thinking recently about my favorite places in Missoula (partially because of our Guns N' Roses contest, where we're asking people to send us a pic of their Missoula paradise spot - details right here).

I know for me, my answer would be The Roxy Theater. When I first moved to town and didn't know anybody, I spent pretty much all of my time at The Roxy, and I've been consistently amazed at the variety of movies they show and the amount of work they put in to bringing the community together.

So that'd probably be my pick, but I've got a lot of other spots that I love here in town that would definitely make the cut. So I'm wondering, what are yours? What's your absolute, all-time, never-been-topped, favorite place in Missoula? Is it a business, a restaurant, a hiking trail, a brewery, a scenic view? Let us know! If we get enough answers, maybe we can create our own article to answer the Montana Standard's: "The Best Places To Visit In Missoula, As Chosen By Missoulians!"

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