For many, a vacation to Montana is something to dream about. Montana has many beautiful sites, including Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Plus, there is world-class skiing, fly fishing, and hundreds of miles of trails to be hiked.

Of course, while folks visit our great state all year round, there is no doubt that the busiest time for tourism is the summer months. Part of summer in Montana, especially in the western part of the state, includes sold-out hotel rooms, a lack of rental cars, and lots and lots of traffic.

While tourists can be a little or a lot annoying, depending on the tourist, it's important to remember that tourism is a major money-maker for the state of Montana, with reportedly as much as 5 billion dollars a year being injected into the Montana economy. That's a huge sum of money, and there are thousands of Montanans that depend on those dollars to make a living and support themselves and their families.

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So, while regular, everyday Montanans might not be a fan, Montana business owners and state officials certainly are. We asked Montanans: if they could pick one place for those visiting Montana to see, what would it be? Let's just say some folks weren't very kind. So, here we go...

The Top 10 Worst Suggestions For Tourists To Visit In Montana

#10 "Colorado"

#9 "California"

#8 "Wyoming"

#7 "North Dakota"

#6 "Whitehall… then maybe they won’t come back"

#5 "The interstate and while they are there they can go back home"

#4 "Departure line at the airport."

#3 "Logan landfill is a great destination for many..."

#2 "Berkeley Pit in Butte for an amazing swim!"

#1 "Yellowstone National Park Petting Zoo"

So there you have it, the Top 10.  I chuckled at a lot of the responses from folks, and I certainly understand the frustration that people can feel. However, I also understand the lure of Montana. Once you've been here, it's certainly hard not to want to come back.


So, for those that are planning to visit, enjoy yourselves. Take lots of photos, and spend your money at our local shops and restaurants. Oh, and whatever you do, don't pet any of the animals in Yellowstone.

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