It is the time of year when we all look for a little fright. Whether it be a walk through a dark cemetery, watching a scary movie, or taking a trip through a haunted attraction. But, putting together a haunted attraction is not an easy job.

When I was in college, I helped put together a neighborhood haunted house every Fall. It was a way for us to help our community by collecting food for the food bank, as well as having a little fun at our neighbor's expense. I lived with a bunch of roommates in a fairly large home. We broke the home up into quadrants and themes. Our goal was to turn our house into a maze that would take our "victims" more than a few minutes to navigate. We had everything from the living room transformed into a mortuary, to the kitchen becoming the home of a cannibalistic chef. Topped off with our hockey mask-wearing buddy chasing our "victims" off of the property with a chainsaw.

For as much work as it was, it really was a lot of fun.

A local Missoula family found themselves extremely bored during the pandemic and decided they were going to remedy that by transforming their home into a haunted attraction. Since the "Haunting Porter Lane" began, it has grown larger every year. And this year they are going BIG.


Friday 10/28 - 7 pm - 11pm

Saturday 10/29 - 7 pm - 11pm

Sunday 10/30 - 7 pm - 10pm


11620 Poter Lane - Missoula, MT (near the Wye)

ADMISSION IS FREE - DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED (As they look forward to growing the attraction even more next Halloween.)

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