Usually you don't want to waste time watching a bad movie. Unless, of course, that movie is so bad that it loops back around to being amazing. It's a rare thing, but everyone has their own favorite. Heck, James Franco even made a whole movie about The Room, one of the most legendarily bad movies ever made.

CenturyLinkQuote has put together a study that determined every single state's favorite bad movie throughout the US. As you can probably guess, The Room topped quite a few, but heavy hitters like Batman & RobinBattlefield Earth, and The Emoji Movie were all represented. But what was Montana's favorite bad movie?

Drumroll, please...

It was Wild Wild West, the Will Smith western where he fights giant CGI robot spiders. Yeah, we can see it. But I think we get bonus points because not only did we pick a bad movie, we also picked a bad rap song (wiki-wiki-wild-wild-west!)

So, do you think Wild Wild West is the best bad movie? Or are you a From Justin to Kelly fan? Let us know!

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