Police ended up charging three people Tuesday night after a vehicle was pulled over for a traffic infraction. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the vehicle was traveling down Russell Street without headlights on.

"When the vehicle pulled over the officer identified three persons in the car, including 23-year-old Jose Stygles," Welsh said. "Through further investigation at the scene, the officer learned that Stygles was on probation and also determined that he was in possession of dangerous drugs. As a result, Stygles was placed under arrest."

The driver was cited for not having headlights on, one passenger, Benjamin King, was taken to jail for failing to appear in court on a prior felony charge, while Mr. Stygles is facing three felonies, one of which is a drug charge for “intent to distribute.”

"They found heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana," Welsh said. "The other evidence that they found was not only related to those dangerous drugs, but there were also indicators that they were preparing those drugs for sale."

Stygles was also found to be in violation of his probation from, a prior felony conviction.

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