Of all of the beloved hometown events we missed in 2020, I think the Western Montana Fair was the event Missoula missed the most. It's definitely back for 2021 and the fairgrounds will be ready to welcome thousands to see the construction and new renovations that have been going on over the past 18 months or so.

This year's Fair will begin on Wednesday, August 11th and run through Sunday, August 15th with the theme "Hoedown in Midtown." This year's fair will feature a different performance each night and will end Sunday afternoon with flat track motorcycle racing. A new feature will be an online scavenger hunt to connect fair goers with vendors through challenges and trivia. 4-H will continue to be an essential part of the Fair, as will exhibits competing for the coveted blue ribbons, enter competitions here.

FREE admission is also back, and that's for everyone, all day, every day of the Fair. The last time I was at the Fairgrounds I saw that some of the buildings had been completely renovated, including the Commercial and Culinary buildings, and the beer garden area was demolished. And we recently brought you the news that a $16 million Butterfly House and Insectarium is being built on the east end of the South Avenue side of the Fairgrounds. There will be a new livestock facility and new rodeo, as well.

I have gone to the Western Montana Fair carnival nearly every year of my life, I think there are only 4 years I didn't go, including the pandemic year. So hopefully the carnival is back - imagine having to sanitize all of those rides, eesh. I'm hearing Tater Pigs, Vikings, FFA Tacos, and All Nations Indian Tacos will all be back on concessions row, see ya there!

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