We lived on some acreage when I was growing up and we would always have cougars that would venture lower and lower from the woods down to our property. I'm not sure why we called them cougars and not mountain lions - but we lived near Cougar Mountain so I think it was a regional thing. I was in junior high and my sister was a few years younger - and we had an insane fear that the big cats were only making their presence felt because in their eyes we looked like snacks. That seems totally logical, right? Why else would they possibly be coming so close? Ha!

I imagine I would handle the sightings a bit more calmly now that I'm older.....although no promises. And in the world we live in now I would probably be whipping my camera out to share a video with the world - just like this Montanan did. Jay Kinsey was driving near White Sulphur Springs last week and saw a pretty cool sight - three mountain lions galloping along on the shoulder of the road. He posted a video to Facebook and his original post has been shared over 400 times. What cool luck to see such a sight while driving!

Jay sent his footage in to MTN News and shared his thoughts about the video that has brought some attention his way:

"Just before that there was some crows and eagles picking on some deer that had been hit on the highway. At first I was like 'more crows picking up road kill,' then I noticed they were cats so I picked up my phone to show my wife and daughter when I got service. Turns out lots folks were glad I did....lol."

Have you ever filmed any interesting animal encounters?

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