The Montana Highway Patrol continues to beg drivers to slow down and be cautious of the weather. However, some feel their vehicles can handle the snow, ice and water on Montana roadways and ignore their pleas.

And that's when this type of accident happens. According to the Montana Highway Patrol:

You will see Trooper Jourdon Gulick and another gentleman narrowly avoid being struck by an out-of-control semi. The semi was attempting to pass another truck, when it lost control on the ice and struck Gulick's patrol car. Gulick was responding to the scene of another accident at the time and was parked with his emergency lights activated.

In addition, some friends of mine who were driving slowly and defensively still ended up rolling their car near Rock Creek as they were coming back to Missoula from the Twenty One Pilots show in Bozeman. Be safe out there, and maybe pick up some new windshield wipers before you hit the highway, lots of mud and slush being thrown out there!

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