I'm going to be honest, I see a lot of real dumb things on TikTok. Sometimes I will waste an hour watching something while constantly saying to myself, "Who would enjoy watching this, for real?". I know you have done the same...so no judging.

I tend to get stuck on videos like the one below and think, "Hell, yes! I need that!" I mean...some of these things are pretty clever and seem to work. Although I do have a feeling that it could all just be going on the ground behind the little stage, and that could be a factor in the cleanliness.

@d1400m #birmingham #viralvideo ♬ original sound - Sami

Recently I have come across more videos about "Towns To Live In, In Montana" and "Reasons To Move To Montana" and although not true, I definitely get a good laugh out them.

OBVIOUSLY, this guy has been taking local photos to use in this "Towns to live in" video. Check it out...is he right? Are these towns we should all consider moving to?

@houndman406 #montana #406 #DoTheJuJu #ShareTheMagic #PawlidayPics #houndman ♬ Horses Are Faster - Ian Munsick

And this guy...he does have a couple of swears so please, watch with caution and not with little ones around. (The swears are the "bad word" for poop, just a little insight). His warning is clearly true, based on all facts.

@jakzames These are the things your real estate agent won’t tell you, just be aware #fyp #montana ♬ original sound - Zak James

Since we are on the topic of Montana TikTok, these two ladies have a bit of a different take on "towns in Montana if they were a sound". Not gonna lie, I spit my drink as I pictured walking down these streets and listening to these.

@tenley_wade Yeah #greenscreen #montana #406 #fyp #mt ♬ sound effects - Jake

Or did this girl nail it better?

@tenley_wade Replying to @wayde725 last one. #greenscreen #mt #montana #406 #fyp ♬ original sound - Christie Kirlin

So what do you think, will these videos perhaps make people think twice? Maybe not, but I guess it's worth a shot.

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