You may have heard us talk about our rad copper keys on the air, they're called Cu-Tie (cootie) Keys and they're made right here in Missoula at a locally owned machine shop. The keys are a great tool for your pocket, purse, middle console in your vehicle, or keychain because once you have one, you'll use it often. They are antimicrobial, as they are copper, and will help you unlock doors, open doors, and pick things up without getting unwanted germs on your hands.

Cu-Tie Keys retail for $20 and they come with a cool little copper coin which says "Cu-Tie Coin" on one side and "Missoula Pandemic 2020" on the other. It's made from the material the machinists cut out of the finger hole of the key.

Want one? We've got freebies. Just use your Alt, Blaze, KYSS or Zoo app to message us to request one and I'll deliver until they are gone. To order Cu-Tie Keys or portable sneeze guards directly from Vorteque, visit them here.

Photo by Angel
Photo by Angel

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