Having young kids at home like I do, this is a scary thought.  According to Open Aid Alliance employees, people are finding more used syringes around Missoula as the winter snow and ice has melted away.

They recommend the following steps if you find a used syringe:
*put on gloves
*use tongs to pick it up
*place in a thick plastic container (milk jug/detergent bottle)
*duct tape the bottle
*write "sharp metals inside" on the container
*call the found syringe hotline at 406-493-2502

You can dispose of syringes in the 24 hour disposal box behind Burns Street Bistro.

You can also call or text the found syringe hotline and someone will come pick them up.  Pick up is available on weekdays during normal business hours.

If police respond to a 911 call about found syringes it costs taxpayer money.  So Open Aid Alliance suggests contacting them or following the above steps for disposal.

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