We've turned 19 years old, this obviously calls for a party. As we approach 2 decades of existence, we started to think back to 2000, and some of the bands that helped launch The Blaze. And that's when we got "Butterfly" stuck in our heads. Who wants to party with Crazy Town!? We do!!

The Blaze 19th Birthday Bash is May 20th at Monk's, tickets are on sale now for only 15 bucks, it's a small venue so get 'em while you can. We promise some old skooly Blaze debauchery and prizes every 19 minutes. It is a 21+ plus party, because, is somebody getting naked? Probably. Is it KC? Probably.

For real though, come celebrate like is 2000, we fully expect to see you in your oldest Blaze t-shirts. Dropout Kings & Head Trauma are also on board, doors open at 8, music starts at 9 p.m.

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