Last week was a rough one for Missoula's dog community. First, we heard about Rattlesnake resident, Catahoula Leopard dog Marvin, who was hit by a car and ran away on Monday, May 4th. We have heard from his owners that after 5 nights on the run, Marvin came home. He needed surgery to remove part of his tail that was injured when he was struck, but he's healing fine, and his family is ecstatic to have him home.

Another horrid case we heard about last week was the Missoula veteran who couldn't find his German Shepherd Lucca. Poor Lucca was eventually found near Kelly's Island suffering from three gunshot wounds and turned over to Animal Control. Good news! Lucca was reunited with is human, Tony, over the weekend and is recovering from surgery to remove bullets from his face and shoulder. In classic Missoula fashion, the community reached out to cover the veterinarian bill, and will continue to pay for Lucca's bills until he's fully healed.


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