The bummer part of this story is that we'll probably never know the whole story. But, the details we have show that this dog is a survivor, and that Missoulians are willing to open their hearts and wallets to help those in need - even if it's not their fellow human.

A call to Missoula Animal Control ended up being much more than a common report of a stray dog. A KPAX article tells the story of a German Shepherd being picked up on Cote Lane by Kelly's Island in Missoula. It was discovered that the dog was injured and transported to a local vet where they discovered he had three gunshot wounds - one in the shoulder and two in the head. This poor pup even had to have surgery to remove a bullet from his face.

Animal Control asked the community to help with vet bills as well as provide any information about the dog's owner or injuries. It turns out the dog is named Lucca and is a service dog for a local veteran.

We'll probably never know the rest of the story. The good news is that the owner was found and Lucca appears to be fine despite whatever led to his injuries. But, why would someone shoot, what looks to be a friendly dog, three times? Authorities are still looking for answers to that question. And, how great is this dog that it has just been shot three times in what must have been a scary situation, but it doesn't seem to be scared or afraid of being around people?

Right now, we're just happy that Lucca is healing and will be reunited with his owner.


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