Montana has this wild energy that makes it a timeless classic. The archetype of the rugged Montanan never goes out of style, and though this state does move with the times, we maintain our essence which is resistant to change. This quality has saved us from humilation countless times. Montanans should be proud that they never started riding Segways around, for example. Can you believe that people actually allowed themselves to be seen standing on those things? How embarrassing. 

While the rest of the country is copying everything they see on TikTok, as Montanans we should be more shrewd with the trends we adopt, so here are 5 we need to avoid at all costs:

Shaving our eyebrows really thin

Millennials thought they killed the 90's trend of shaving eyebrows really thin, but the zoomers (gen z) are bringing it back along with baggy clothes and nu metal. I don't mean to mock anyone's appearance but perhaps it wouldn't be the end of the world if Montanans chose a more natural approach to their lower foreheads.

Eating butter boards

This has to be some kind of prank, right? I refuse to believe people are actually putting slabs of salted butter onto a plank and calling it cuisine. I suggest we stick to eating actual food and leave the culinary nonsense to the city folk.

Wearing virtual reality goggles

I'm not sure if you can even call the "metaverse" a trend considering it looks like it's already dying to me. Big surprise the appeal of buying a $1,500 headset to stare at Playstation 1-tier graphics isn't catching on. Here are more reasons the "Oculus Quest Pro" will probably flop in Montana.

Having electric scooters laying around on every sidewalk

I'll admit it does seem nice for people to have another convenient way to travel, but on the other hand electric scooters can be an aesthetic nuisance. This article weighs the pros and cons of potentially unbanning them from Missoula. 

Throwing things at musicians

Throwing things at musicians has suddenly become a thing. This year alone I've read about this happening to Harry Styles, Kid Cudi, Lady Gaga and just this week, Steve Lacy. I have no doubt we'll buck this trend because Montanans are polite and have shown great appreciation for the artists that play here.

In Conclusion

Here's the tea: there are some trends that are just not lit, fam. So let's make sure to do a vibe check on any new fad— for real, no cap.

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