Is this a preview of what to expect this tourist season in Montana? If that's the case, it will be a long year.

Montanans must constantly deal with tourists doing idiotic things anywhere they might go at all times of the year. We have seen tourists do everything from walking on Old Faithful to trying to pet wildlife in Yellowstone.

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Every year tourists never seem to get the memo to stop interacting with wildlife. When Yellowstone National Park opens for the summer, we will be hearing stories left and right of tourists disrespecting the park and acting like the rules don't apply to them.

That's why I have never been happier when I came across this TikTok video of two tourists idiotically getting too close to a moose here in Montana. Watch the video below.

@smithnathanc Dont mess with the wildlife. #montana #moose #fyp #tourists #skitown #yellowstone #bigsky #fypシ゚viral #funny ♬ original sound - smithnathanc

Credit:smithnathanc via TikTok

This TikTok video has been viewed over one million times and has almost 200,000 likes; you can see why. These two morons think that a moose won't turn on a dime and trample them is beautiful.

To the man who filmed this interaction, you did your best to prevent these two losers from making this mistake, but we can't save everyone. Hopefully, they've learned their lesson, but we doubt it.

Photo by Shivam Kumar via Unsplash
Photo by Shivam Kumar via Unsplash

We must stay vigilant in Montana and make sure that every tourist who wants to pet a bison, walk on Old Faithful, or abuse our beautiful state pays the price.

If this is a preview of what will happen this upcoming summer season, it might be a long few months.

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