Recently, I stumbled across a pretty cool website that gave me lots of statistics about Missoula. One of the most intriguing to me was regarding safe neighborhoods in our area. When I searched Missoula it gave me areas such as Frenchtown and Bonner as well, but still very interesting information.

According to the Crime Index, Missoula is only safer than 3% of U.S. cities. All of these calculations are done by population size which obviously don't work in our favor in this instance but the numbers were quite alarming. Here is the link for the Missoula statistics specifically.

One of the things that I found most shocking after looking at this information is that Bonner was named one of the most safe neighborhoods in our area. After looking closely at the numbers I would have never guessed these as the Top 5 safest neighborhoods in the Missoula area.

  1. Lothrop / Lolo Hot Springs
  2. Frenchtown / Evaro
  3. Bonner / West Riverside
  4. Orchard Homes
  5. East Missoula

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