Late tonight to very early tomorrow morning (8/12) is the peak time to see this year's Perseid meteor shower, and we should have a perfect view here in Montana. The local forecast calls for clear skies starting at 11 p.m. through the night to 4 a.m. with temperatures in the 60s, so a hoodie should do for your outdoor viewing.

We like to get out of town a little bit to get away from the light pollution. It's most fun to bring a blanket and lay on your back, as it's not a quick glance at the sky, it takes some patience when you're waiting on "shooting stars." Last year's Perseid showers were during full moon light, but the moon is not as full this year, so less light means we'll have a better chance at seeing more stars. The hours right before dawn are the best hours to look straight up, and even a bit to the north to catch the show.

A drive to the dark up north is nice, but you really just need to get to the darkest spot you can find to watch the sky tonight. Also, you're not going to catch any really great shots with your phone, so maybe just leave it in the car as the brightness from it will also prevent your eyes from adjusting to the dark. Unless you have fancy camera and tripod, it's probably best to just relax and enjoy the show! Oh, and don't forget mosquito replant.

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