You don’t have a lot of time to do everything you want to get done when it’s summertime in this latitude. It’s "Fun Time" in Missoula! Or, any of the fine places to dip your toes in the river in Ravalli County, or the Blackfoot. We all know that every waterway has been fast and cold for weeks but it hasn’t stopped anyone from jumping in with a flotation device of dubious source and giving it a go downstream.

Man floating down a canal in a blow up tube
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Beware of needing extrication assistance from a debris jam. There are lot’s of them around and they can be deadly. Please. Destination Missoula has some great pro tips on how and where to float right now.

Even though it’s "Fun Time!" you’ve got to play it somewhat safely. For example, you cannot have a recreational fire within Missoula City limits even if you are the person with the matches. It’s illegal for one, and it’s illegal! That’s how fires start and we’ve just moved to “high” on the colorful needle thing you see in front of the firestations.

You can help prevent a fire without even a bunch of effort. Don’t drag the tow chain on your trailer or boat because sparks can fly and they can be nasty. That’s easy. We’re all in a rush to hit "Fun Time" but, forgetting to park off those dry weeds or having your hot lawn mower setting off a brush fire? That will make you really late and you could be responsible for some costly fees, too.

Mint Images/ Tim Pannell
Mint Images/ Tim Pannell

The City of Missoula website has some outdoor recreational and fire safety tips you might find helpful.  At least you might have a bit more "Fun Time" to go to in Missoula!

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