It's about time for another hit of showmanship from The Struts, and they've delivered. The dynamic rockers have also pulled in a friend, recruiting Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes to play guitar on their new song, "Another Hit of Showmanship."

In true Struts styles, the track is an upbeat and infinitely catchy song that singer Luke Spiller revealed reminds him of attending shows in the early 2000s. “‘Another Hit of Showmanship’ reminds me of being at a club night called Ramshackle years ago at the O2 Academy in Bristol, where they’d play bands like the Libertines and Razorlight and Scissor Sisters, and of course the Strokes,” said Spiller in a statement. “I hit up Albert out of the blue and told him, ‘We’ve got this song, and I’m so excited to see what you would do with it.’ As soon as he got his hands on it, he took it to a whole different level — it really just shows why he’s so brilliant at what he does.”

As for the song itself, the singer adds, “‘Another Hit of Showmanship’ is a true relentless melodic jangle that is a brilliantly unique ‘tip of the hat’ to bands that we all grew up on as individuals. A fresh new take on bands from the early Noughties, which in my opinion, was the last great wave of rock music from both sides of the pond. Its quality lies within its simplicity. Musically, it’s definitely not as complex as things we have done in the past, but that’s probably why it’s as hooky as it is!”

The Struts' most recent album was 2018's Young & Dangerous, and while no official word has come yet on the next record, "Another Hit of Showmanship" should help keep fans satisfied until a new record is complete.

Take a listen to the song below and if you like what you hear, it's available via the platform of your choosing right here.

The Struts Featuring Albert Hammond Jr., "Another Hit of Showmanship"

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