The Struts are bringing rock 'n' roll’s glory days back. As one of the leaders of the current classic rock resurgence, The Struts have one universal message for fans — let yourself go and have fun.

We caught up with The Struts at the first ever Sonic Temple Festival, just minutes after their performance and the whole MAPFRE Stadium getting evacuated. Bad weather didn’t get The Struts down, though, as singer Luke Spiller reiterated his band’s mantra for live shows.

“What makes a good show is when a group gets up there and reminds people to let themselves go and have fun. When I was like eight years old, I went to my very first school disco. It must have been about two hours long and for and hour and a half, I was too scared to dance. Then I remember thinking, ‘I’m just gonna do it,’ and started dancing. 20 minutes, half an hour flew by and I was like, ‘I wish I had just done it from the very beginning.’ That’s always stayed with me and that’s the mentality.”

When it comes to taking inspiration from the classics, but not becoming a carbon copy of a classic act, Spiller shares a key secret. “The key is rip off more than one band,” he says laughing. “There are many things that we love. We pull out tens of different bands.”

Bassist Jed Elliot adds, “If all four members were listening to the same two or three bands, you wouldn’t quite get the mixing part of all these different flavors.”

Check out our interview with The Struts above and click here to grab the band’s latest album, Young & Dangerous.

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