The Distillers were a short lived punk rock band that left the world with three great albums before their breakup in 2006. The band brought a palpable and fun kind of punk that meshed singer Brody Dalle's gritty vocals with fast and catchy tunes. Today, the band have teased their return, taking to Twitter and posting a video that seemingly features new music.

There isn't too much to go off of with the teaser clip, although it does sound incredibly different than what the band was putting together before the breakup. In the clip, the music is dark and foreboding, relying on a lot of atmosphere. It's hard to say whether this sound will mark a change in direction for the group's sound, or if it's something else entirely. Either way, it's making 2018 look like an interesting year for punk.

The band found initial success in 2000 when they released their debut self-titled album through Epitaph offshoot Hellcat Records. From there, they began to gain popularity with their 2002 Sing Sing Death House cut "Seneca Falls" and even going on to appear in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. They enjoyed their biggest chart success with the song "Drain the Blood," the lead single from their third offering, Coral Fang. After the band's breakup, Dalle teamed up with guitarist Tony Bevilacqua to form alt-rock group Spinnerette.

The last we saw of Dalle was when she teamed up with her husband Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age to perform a couple of songs for their daughter's sixth grade graduation party. They played a pretty mean cover of Cheap Trick for a party those kids won't soon forget.

Check out the teaser below, and be on the look out for more from the band in the future.

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