Blair Fjeseth is the new spokesperson for the Montana University System’s Board of Regents and her first interview with KGVO News details the board’s achievements in 2017.

“I just started working here this past month,” said Fjeseth. “Looking at the reports from all the MUS schools and all they’ve accomplished has been very encouraging and inspiring for me. We’re really working hard on dual enrollment and a lot of our new grants, and how Montana high school students are making the transition to college.”

Fjeseth emphasized the high points in the 2017 report.

“We’re celebrating Native American student enrollment numbers which are up six percent from last year,” she said. “We’re definitely celebrating research. This year research has been huge for the university system. I think we topped out at over $220 million between UM and MSU alone. With our philanthropic giving we’ve had so many donors step up and give, and I think that’s a signal of a continued investment in higher education and all that it brings to our economy and our communities.”

Fjeseth said a major focus has been on reaching out to prospective students in Montana’s high schools.

“Our Gear Up grant, which is early awareness and readiness for undergraduate programs is huge,” she continued. “We’re received over $24 million in funding through 2024, so that will help students across the state get access to ACT test and the information they need to get prepared for college.”

Fjeseth also provided a report on the various aspects of enrollment which is attached here.

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