Did you know the largest surviving masonry structure in the whole world resides in Montana? How cool is that?

In the mining town of Anaconda, Montana, resides a monument to construction. The Anaconda Smelter Stack. With an overall height of 585 feet, it's the biggest masonry structure in the whole world.

Built in 1918 by the Alphons Custodis Chimney Construction Company of New York, the smelter was used to smelt ore mainly from the Berkley Pitt from the neighboring town of Butte. The stack itself is manufactured from almost 2,500,000 perforated bricks and the whole thing weighs in at around 23,000 tons. Ya, it's that big. According to Wikipedia the Washington monument would nearly fit inside.

The stack was used by the Washoe Smelter until it's closure in 1981, but having such an amazing, and interesting history, Anaconda locals wouldn't let the stack be demolished, and I don't blame them. This thing is incredible. They quickly organized a "Save The Stack" campaign and in 1986 it was designated as it's own state park. "The Anaconda Smoke Stack Park". Now while you are very much able to view the stack, going inside is a big no no due to contaminated metals like cadmium, lead, lead and zinc. Entry to the park is free as there is no visitor center or staff, so please be responsible and keep your distance.

The stack itself has come to represent the hard work and challenges the town of Anaconda has faced throughout it's history, and is a symbol of the hard work and sheer grit of this Montana town.


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