Allegiance Field at Ogren Park has seen its final baseball game in 2022. The Missoula Paddleheads were swept in the Pioneer Baseball League Championship series by the Grand Junction Rockies. However, unlike in Mudville, there is still joy in Zootown even with no repeat as champions.

  • Game 1, September 17th: Rockies 12, Paddleheads 10
  • Game 2, September 19th: Rockies 10, Paddleheads 4

Missoula manager Michael Schlact on the end of the incredible record-setting season:

Here are some of the reactions to the end of the season on social media:

The grub looks dee-lish! Happy you came to the ballpark, Zach.

It does suck, Aaron. Kudos to you for staying positive and congratulating the PBL Champs.

Like so many other Paddleheads fans, Kelly held out hope that we would rally late in the game on Monday night. Stay strong, sister!

Remembering The 2022 Season

Even before the season began, we were excited about the promotions schedule when it was announced on Montana Day (April 6th, 4-06) New this year was Pride Night and Sandlot Night (renamed from Little League Night)

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On May 25th, the Paddleheads home opener began with over 100 fans throwing out the first pitch. While it ended up not breaking the world record, the moment was amazing.

On July 13th, Paddleheads repeated as 1st-half champions in the Pioneer League. Their record at the time was 32-11, and it marked the 3rd consecutive half-season that Missoula had a better record than any team in the North or South Divisions.

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On August 16th, as the Paddleheads continued their success, the club announced a no-re-entry policy which was good for fans and their safety. It is unknown if any other club in the league has implemented a similar policy.

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Once news of how good the boys from Zootown were in comparison to every other baseball team on Planet Earth, the buzz was all around! Their record at the time was 59-24, even better than the MLB-best Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Once the regular season came to an end, Missoula was on top of the standings and earned home field advantage throughout the PBL playoffs.

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Thank you, Paddleheads. You've made Missoula proud of you and we can't wait to see you in 2023.

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