25 year-old Logan Dallas Christopher was sentenced this week to three terms of life in the Montana State Prison after pleading guilty to killing two family members and wounding a third.

Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright prosecuted the case and provided these details of the sentencing.

“We had the sentencing hearing for Logan Christopher after he was convicted of two charges of homicide for the killing of the mother of his children, Marissa Wahl, and his mother, Tiffany Greenslade, and the attempted homicide of his father after shooting a wounding his Father,” said Fulbright. “He was sentenced to three life terms for each of those crimes, and then a consecutive 20 years for the criminal endangerment he created during his flight in a high speed chase to Missoula. 10 of those years are for the possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.”

Fulbright described the sentencing in the Ravalli County Courthouse.

“It was a shocking incident,” he said. “A tragic series of crimes. There was a full courtroom during the sentencing with a lot of emotion. There were many friends of the young woman who died, Marissa Wahl, and there were some family friends who expressed sadness for the defendant’s actions that led to his lengthy prison sentence.”

Fulbright said Christopher will not be eligible for parole for many years.

“His parole eligibility is set by Montana law as 35 years, which means he’ll be 60 years old at that time,” he said.


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