Regardless of the species, a fish close to two feet long and nearly five pounds is a pretty good catch. At least in my book it is.

When you're working the bottom of a body of water, there's a chance you could hook a bottom feeder. And that is probably just fine with Montana angler Johnathon Miller.

From the Missouri to Holter to Hauser, given the pattern of record-setting weight for this fish, we'll boldly guess that it is a record that will be broken again. But for now, and for the third time in less than 15 months, a Montana angler has caught a new state record longnose sucker.

Jonathan Miller was working Hauser Reservoir near Helena, using a jig when he landed his 4.78-pound, 22¼-inch fish this past Tuesday, May 10. And in the world of Montana longnose suckers, a five-and-a-half ounce margin of victory ain't too bad.

The previous longnose sucker record was set in May of 2021, with a 4.21-pound fish from Holter Reservoir. That record surpassed a 3.42-pound longnose sucker caught from the Missouri River in March of 2021.

The sucker is certainly not a unicorn in Montana fisheries. They are the third largest family of fish in Montana, represented by nine species. Longnose suckers are native to the state and widely distributed across nearly all of central and western Montana.

With a total of 91 fish species found in Montana, interest in state records has increased in recent years. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks maintains the list of record fish, and it's kind of cool for us fishing nerds to check out the current records. There's also some handy information on what to do if you think you have caught a new state record species.

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