We've sure had our fair share of Montana fish stories over the last few months. There was this record-breaking catch that was also a bit on the funny side when it came to its size. We saw a record fall by just .003 of a pound a couple of weeks ago. And just yesterday the state record for a longnose sucker was broken for the third time in less than 15 months. When it comes to a fish on everyone's wish list, there's one lurking out there that might not be a record breaker but anglers would love nothing more than to reel it in before the weekend is up!

There are just a few days left!

The 2022 Spring Mack Days are in the final stretch and we're still waiting for someone to pull the big money fish out of Flathead Lake. There's a $10,000 prize attached to "The Captain" if anybody can snag it before the annual fishing competition ends on May 15. It's a race against the clock and we want to see somebody have the same excitement as the person that caught the $10,000 fish during Fall Mack Days back in October!

That's not the only fish that'll help the bank account

As great as it would be to catch "The Captain," there are also a few other fish of note that are still out there waiting to payout with Mack Days. Somewhere in Flathead Lake, there are three fish worth $5,000, and six worth $1,000.

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We'll be keeping an eye on things over the next few days to see if anybody had a little luck on their side to reel in "The Captain" or any of the other fish with dollar signs attached to them. Spring Mack Days started back in March and the $10,000 catch has eluded anglers so far. Will it make it through the weekend?

Source: The Missoulian

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