For as long as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels have been considered canon, fans have an unease with prequel-era characters that don’t show up in the original films. Rogue One at least gave us a hint at which Rebels characters endure, though the new Forces of Destiny shorts may have revealed one character who lives to fly another day.

You’re warned of full Star Wars spoilers from here on out; Rebels, Rogue One and all, but the presence of “General Syndulla,” Chopper and The Ghost in the first “Star Wars Story” film at least ensure their survival during the fourth and final Rebels season. That said, we’ve still never seen Hera beyond Rogue One’s battle above Scarif, but a new tidbit from the female-centric Forces of Destiny shorts seems to imply the General’s endurance.

The shorts are said to be considered official canon, and according to Entertainment Weekly, one will see Rebels voice Vanessa Marshall reprising her role as Hera Syndulla alongside Return of the Jedi’s Leia:

Perhaps most intriguing to movie fans will be the story set on the Ewok moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi. Although plot details are under wraps, Hera Syndulla from Rebels and Princess Leia team up for an adventure with Han Solo – and lots of little furballs carrying primitive weapons.

Granted, Hera’s survival is no guarantee of Chopper, The Ghost, or any Rebels fixtures not addressed by the end of Rogue One, though it does open up intriguing possibilities. Could Hera have survived to take part in The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi? Does Hera’s Endor presence doubly-confirm that Rex fan-theory of the bearded rebel soldier?

We’ve plenty more questions to answer as Star Wars Rebels gears up for its fourth and final season this fall, but how else might Hera or the crew factor into Star Wars’ future?

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