It made sense of SNL to hire Melissa McCarthy for a fifth hosting gig, rather than rely on a weekly Sean Spicer impression. Nonetheless, our first live coast-to-coast SNL show managed to coax McCarthy’s Spicer out for Easter, and with an intriguing twist at that.

McCarthy reprised her role as the Trump administration Press Secretary midway through Jimmy Fallon’s hosting return, playing off the Easter celebration chaos of recent headlines. That said, UPROXX notes that McCarthy wasn’t actually present in the East Coast studio (no cast members appeared in the bit), which could signify live coastal shows taking advantage of performers across the country.

Either way, the hour also confirmed that May 6 host Chris Pine will feature LCD Soundsystem as musical guest. No such performers have been announced for McCarthy’s penultimate hosting on May 13, let alone Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s May 20 season finale.

Watch the originals below, and stay tuned for more from SNL Season 42 in the meantime.

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