Star Wars Celebration kicked off in Orlando this afternoon with a giant panel to honor the upcoming 40th anniversary of the beloved franchise. As exciting as it all was, including guest appearances by everyone from George Lucas to Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, there was still a glimmer of sadness in the air as one member of the gang was absent this year. The loss of Carrie Fisher in December left a stain of melancholy across not only the Star Wars fanbase, but all of Hollywood. To celebrate the brilliance, charisma and warmth Fisher gave us throughout her lengthy career, and the iconic status of General Leia Organa, LucasFilm paid tribute to the actress in a beautiful video.

After the original cast left the stage, Kathleen Kennedy and Lucas honored the late actress. “She was unlike anyone you’ve known,” Kennedy said. “She was the boss, it was her war,” Lucas added. “She was that character; very bold, very smart, very tough.” Then the two introduced the tribute video, which combines interviews with Fisher over the past 40 years, showing her reciting Princess Leia’s classic lines word-for-word, laughing over Gary falling asleep on live TV, and discussing the importance of playing such a strong, female hero.

Ford, Hamill, Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christine, and J.J. Abrams also talk about Fisher’s magnetic, unique spirit. In just five minutes the video reminds you just how special Fisher was, a woman who was always brutally honest, delightfully witty, and as humble as they come.

There’s plenty of exciting Star Wars news to come throughout the rest of Celebration this weekend. Be sure to check back for the latest updates.

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