Those who picked up Blink-182's California know that the band had some fun with quick-hitting tracks that helped the transition between songs. That continues with the band's newly expanded deluxe edition of the album, with the group just revealing one of those short bursts in the form of a new song called "Can't Get You More Pregnant."

The lyric video for the song can be seen above. "I can't get you more pregnant / But if you're worried I can take care of myself / I can take care of myself," they sing with their brand of humor. The song itself is a high energy rocker with a pit-starting punk vibe to it. Take a listen.

As stated, the song will be included as part of Blink-182's expanded deluxe edition of California. Teasing the disc, the band recently tweeted while offering a free download of the track:

You can pre-order the deluxe edition of California, which includes 11 new songs not originally on the initial release, at this location. It's due on May 19.

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