As you map out your Memorial Day weekend plans, make sure you put this on the must-do list.

Be sure to visit the 43rd annual St. Regis Flea Market. It's a weekend of bargains Saturday through Monday, May 25-27, from daylight till dusk all three days in the St. Regis Community Park.

Now, it's pretty hard to get lost in St. Regis, but the community still does a great job with signs showing which roads to take, turns, parking areas, shuttle buses, etc. This is one of those fun events that features so many different items, gadgets, do-dads, thingies...stuff you had no idea you even wanted until you saw it! Lots of good food, too, so come hungry. All in a real nice family park atmosphere.

Here's to a great Memorial Day weekend and flea market in St. Regis!


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