Somebody call Billy Corgan, because The Roxy is celebrating 1979!

Although, this has nothing to do with the Smashing Pumpkins. Actually, the Roxy Theater is doing a series of films in June celebrating some movies that are hitting their fortieth anniversary this year! Every Wednesday in June, a different classic from 1979 will be hitting the screen, and a few others are scattered throughout the month as well (probably with more to come that have yet to be announced).

So far, we've got: The JerkBreaking AwayNorma Rae, and Alien as part of the official series, with Monty Python's The Life of BrianMeatballs, and The Warriors screening as part of Movie Cult on Saturdays. They're also showing When Harry Met Sally... on 35mm (celebrating it's 30th anniversary, but still cool!), plus movies like The GodfatherHoney I Shrunk The Kids, and Bohemian Rhapsody throughout the month.

Sounds pretty great, right? Check out the full schedule and get tickets over at The Roxy's website.

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